Southern California Whiplash Injury Lawyers

Southern California Whiplash Injury LawyersThe Southern California whiplash injury lawyers here at 24-7 California Law are always standing by to take your case. We have years of experience representing clients and their interests in whiplash cases and we always come highly recommended. If you have suffered whiplash injuries due to the fault of another, then pick up the phone and give our team of whiplash injury lawyers a call straight away.

Whiplash Symptoms In Southern California

Whiplash is an injury to the neck, head and shoulders. Like it sounds, whiplash is the direct result of a forceful whip motion of the neck that usually occurs during automobile accidents. Initial whiplash symptoms include localized pain to the neck, shoulders and head soon and radiating pain, numbness or tingling for some time after the original incident. These symptoms will persist longer than other, less serious injuries like sprains. Whiplash is not an injury that usually shows up on an x-ray, and may require the patient to go through an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan or CT scan to reveal the injury. If you have been injured, then please contact our Southern California whiplash injury lawyers straight away.

What Can Be Done To Prevent Whiplash In Southern California?

Unfortunately not much can be done to stop whiplash from occurring in Southern California or anywhere else. One precautionary measure you can take to prevent the injury from at least being as severe is to check your vehicle’s head rests. Head rests are designed to prevent these injuries and they should be placed extremely close to the back of your skull. Having your headrest in the correct position, wearing a seatbelt and generally practicing defensive driving procedures are your best defense against ever having to deal with whiplash. However, if you have suffered whiplash due to the fault of another motorist, then please give our team of personal injury lawyers a call straight away.

Contact Our Southern California Law Firm For Representation

If you have suffered whiplash injuries from an auto accident then you may be entitled to compensation. Here at 24-7 California Law, we pride ourselves in being the go-to law firm for whiplash defense cases. Give our team of Southern California whiplash attorneys a call for a free consultation at the first sign of an injury.