Southern California Dog Bite Lawyers

Southern California Dog Bite LawyersThe Southern California dog bite lawyers that work for us here at 24-7 California Law have over 25 years of total experience in handling personal injury cases. We always come highly recommended and we stand by you at every step of the legal process. We are your advocate in a court of law, and our team of lawyers is standing by to take your case. If you have suffered a dog bite, then please do not hesitate to contact our team of professional and affordable dog bite lawyers. The sooner you call, the sooner we can get your case settled.

Southern California Dog Bites Are Almost Always Serious

Dog bite cases are almost always serious and should always be handled with great care. After being bitten by a dog, even if the injuries sustained seem minor, immediately get checked out by a doctor. Also collect information from the animal owner about shots, past medical history of the dog/animal and any insurance information if available. Dog bites can become infected and dogs can sometimes transmit and carry rabies. So please, if you’ve been bitten by a dog or any animal, seek immediate medical attention and then call our team of professional Southern California dog bite lawyers.

A Step By Step Guide To Procedures Following A Dog Bite In Southern California

Here is a step by step guide on what to do immediately following a dog or animal attack in Southern California:

    • Call A Doctor – Always call a doctor or seek immediate medical attention following an attack. Animals can carry diseases and minor injuries can complicate into something major
    • Gather Necessary Information – Collect the necessary information from witnesses, including insurance and contact information from everyone directly involved (especially the animal owner/caretaker)
    • Get The Dog’s Information – Make sure you obtain the medical records and inoculation records of the dog/animal in question
    • Call Dog Bite Law Firm – After the first 3 steps, call our firm. Do not negotiate a settlement or anything with the dog owner, and do not imply that the accident was at all your fault

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If you have been involved in a dog or animal bite case of any kind, then we’re the firm to call. Here at 24-7 California Law we pride ourselves in having over 25 years of experience as a personal injury law firm. We have a solid track record of successful cases and we are standing by to take yours. Give us a call for a complimentary consultation with our team of Southern California dog bite lawyers.